MoneroDice is owned and operated by Riccardo "fluffypony" Spagni, a Monero Core team member, as well as rnag, a developer living in beautiful Austria whose previous work includes a (subsequently sold) altcoin exchange.

Both of the site owners have a long history in cryptocurrency development, and own and operate multiple cryptocurrency related businesses. Until on-chain betting becomes feasible, perhaps with a Monero daughter-chain, sites like MoneroDice will have to exist. We hope that one of the site owners being a Monero core team member, coupled with the donation of 100% of the profits to Monero core development, makes playing on MoneroDice a good and reasonably safe idea.

We require 2 confirmations from the Monero network before your deposit will be credited. Normally this is quite quick, and happens within a few minutes. If you are not seeing your deposit in your account then it is possible that you have forgotten to include a payment ID when making your payment.

You can use our own bot which you find on the main betting page or if you wish to use extended and more advanced dice strategies you can use Seuntjies DiceBot. Also we have an API which enables you to write your own bots.

The house edge on MoneroDice is 1%. In other words, over time and across thousands of bets the MoneroDice operators will earn 1%. For some users this has a minimal effect, for some it has an effect that is a little larger. This cut helps us fund expensive costs, such as the server, the website itself, and so on. Once our costs are covered, all profits go to Monero core development.

MoneroDice's bankroll is open for anyone to jump in and become part of the house. It is as simple as depositing and clicking a button. No papers, no phonecalls, just a mouse click. To aid in the aforementioned costs, MoneroDice takes a 10% cut out of investment profits. The rest is instantly split, evenly and proportionally, between investors.

The 10% is taken out of investment profits only, and nothing is taking out if your investment makes a loss. On a Sunday night at midnight (GMT / UTC), or when you divest funds, any profit you have made over the past week (as long as it is over and above your original investment) has 10% taken out of it. This portion is only taken out once, so you won't have your profit "taxed" more than once.

See the Provably Fair tab for details on this.

To guarantee that your funds are safe with us all withdrawals are processed manually. We try and process them as quickly as possible, and thus most withdrawals will be credited within 1 hour. Nevertheless bigger withdrawals can take longer as we need to send them from our coldwallet.

We reward users who find legitimate bugs in our system. Shoot us an email to [email protected] and we will get right back at you.

Gambling can be addictive. If you struggle with addiction then it is best to discontinue using MoneroDice, and visit this website instead:

MoneroDice does not offer an affiliate program at this stage. We may add one in future.

Unfortunately if you accidentally max your bet and you lose the roll we cannot offer a refund. The only way we could do this is if we refunded it both ways, in which case we'd be able to take back your winnings:) Thus we strongly advise that you double check your bet amount and multiplier each time you make a bet.

If you need to contact the staff of this website please do so via email: [email protected]